General information:



Currently Travelling - New Zealand semi permanently from October


Your appointment time will be confirmed.


I make posts on all my social media so be sure to follow the posts or
see above about how to send requests.

I my books are currently closed it is best to re-send emails when

books are open and I have availablities, just to make sure you aren’t

Unfortunately many times I have more requests than I’m actually able
to tattoo so just because I may not have time to make your tattoo this
time doesn’t mean I wasn’t interested in your idea! I run everything

on a first in first served basis so the quicker you are at responding
the more likely you are to have Ainsley get you booked in.

All bookings require a deposit to secure them. This is payable via
PayPal. - Please do not pay a deposit until you have a booking


I ask that my clients give me creative freedom with their ideas, (e.g
floral bundle on my right forearm with berries) so I don’t feel

limited as I create my most fond and enjoyed pieces without
limitations and restrictions, however I understand there are some
things that you may really love to include or leave out, and these are
always taken into consideration when choosing pieces I take on so if
you would like a tattoo from me please include these in you initial
email! (e.g I would like not to have any roses and I would like
blackberry) - that’s totally ok! This allows me to expand more and

become more creative with each piece so they remain unique to their
I absolutely love anything to do with nature, florals, herbs, fruit,
crystals, animals, pet portraits, and faces.
I LOVE working in a muted palette featuring plenty of greens, browns,
pinks, magenta, burnt orange reds.

Please note that when I design a tattoo each element is carefully
considered and I will place and design these how they best fit with
the piece and the body, this is something I won’t compromise on as the
structure of the tattoo is vital to the end result looking like what
you know and expect my work to be.

I put my all into each design and these take a long time to create, so
please know everything about your finished design is intentional.


Many people ask what my style of work is called, and who does work like mine.
I can’t honestly tell you what my ‘style’ is because it’s just the way
I make my art like any other kind of artist. I combine elements from
different styles of work to create my pieces and based on your idea.
I do work like me.


It is not unusual for you to not see a design until the day of your
appointment. Designs may be available for viewing the night before by
request via email. Please be very clear with your design requests to
prevent me wasting precious time with re-designs. If you are not so
comfortable with this method another artist may be better suited to


I like to start and finishes these larger pieces within months so you
nor I lose interest as my style and way of working steadily evolves.
This also means I get to start the pieces I finish while I am
traveling, this is extremely important to me as it is my art. Larger
deposits are required for ongoing work but still come off the final


Yes I tattoo over some scars but I do require a consult in person to
see what I’m able to achieve. This is important because without
knowing the texture of the skin and density of the scar I’m at a loss
for how to design a piece to suit.

However If your scarring is light and flat to the touch It may not
require an in person consult.

I like scars to be at least three years old.

Please send photos with your booking request so I’m able to let you know.


I will only tattoo cover ups with previous laser lightening. This gives us more scope on creating a beautiful piece you actually want rather than being limited. I do not finish off any other tattooers work.


I don’t do black and grey work. Only colour tattoos.


Please do not bring any extra company as not all of the studios I work at have space for extra people. It is important all the artists and clients are comfortable with enough space to work.