General information:


Below is some general FAQ’s and shop information 🧡


✨October/November/December - 

•Auckland @shipshapetattoo

•Christchurch @lefthandpathtattoos

New Zealand

(Fully Booked) 


🖤@nztattoofestival - New Plymouth, NZ

Books Open


🖤@austattooexpo - Melbourne, Australia 

Books Open

✨Jan-April 2020 

@shipshapetattoo Auckland, New Zealand 

(Few spaces left - these will be available to book later in the year with pre-drawn designs) 


Please make sure to include in your email:

•Your Name and contact info (phone number)

•Your idea

•Any reference you would like me to see or be inspired by (I work in my own style only)

•And a placement PHOTO of where you would like the tattoo as I use the photos to design on, a photo taken with you in a relaxed position by someone else is most useful and helps hugely in me selecting your idea. - sometimes we may need an in person consult. This is an option in New Zealand on a Tuesday only currently. 

I will also have the lovely Ainsley booking all your appointments and available to help answer any extra questions you may have ☺️

**Please do not send several emails as this creates several threads and makes it really hard to keep track of, thank you!


I do not reserve spots and I can’t take on all ideas unfortunately and this is not organised on a first in first served basis.

-I carefully select each piece I would like to do and what time allows.

I make posts on all my social media so be sure to follow the posts about how and when to send in your requests.

Emails when we are booking can take a couple of weeks to reply to. It’s a long process of organising around lots of people so please be patient ♥️

Once you are booked however you can expect a reply back much faster.

It is best to re-send emails when books are open and I have availability. I receive too many emails to be able to remember contact you all back individually I’m sorry.


$220 an hour. £140 an hour 

Day rates apply for all large pieces! 


I typically prefer a client to give me their idea and let me create my interpretation of it. If there’s anything specific it’s important to let me know in your initial email as a lot of time and planning goes into the designs.

I do read through and consider all ideas and choose pieces I feel most drawn to and excited about.

Generally this is anything to do with nature, florals, herbs, fruit, crystals, animals, pet portraits, faces/hands, I like things to do with hobbies too!

I LOVE working in a muted palette featuring plenty of greens, browns, pinks, magenta, burnt orange/apricots and deep reds. 

Occasionally I may post ‘up for grabs’ designs as I plan to do more of this in the future.

Many times I have more requests than I’m actually able to tattoo so just because I may not have time to make your tattoo in this booking period doesn’t mean I wasn’t interested in your idea! 

I run the ideas I DO select on a first in first served basis to get booked, so the quicker you are at responding the more likely you are to have my assistant Ainsley get you booked in. Often large pieces fill up my calendar quickly so I cannot take too many on at once.

ALL bookings require a deposit to secure them. 

This is payable via PayPal. 

*Please do not pay a deposit until you have a booking date confirmed.

Ainsley will advise you of the deposit amount and information.

Once deposits are in paid you will be sent out a confirmation email with the info for the day.


•Please be sure of your date and your commitment to being tattooed.


I ask that my clients give me creative freedom with their ideas,

e.g floral bundle on my right forearm with berries - so I don’t feel limited as I create my most fond and enjoyed pieces without limitations and restrictions, however I understand there are some things that you may really love to include or leave out and these are always taken into consideration when choosing pieces I take on so if you would like a tattoo from me please include these in your initial email! 

e.g I would like not to have any roses and I would like blackberry - that’s totally ok! This allows me to expand more and become more creative with each piece so they remain unique to their wearer. 

Please note that when I design a tattoo each element is carefully considered and I will place and design these how they best fit with the piece and the body, this is something I won’t compromise on as the structure of the tattoo is integral to the end result looking like what you know and expect my work to be.

I put my all into each design and these take a long time to create, so please know everything about your finished design is intentional. 


It is not unusual for you to not see a design until the day before or the day of your appointment. Designs may be available for viewing the night before by request via email. 

Please be very clear with your design requests to prevent me wasting precious time with re-designs. If you are not so comfortable with this method another artist may be better suited to you. 


I like to start and finish larger pieces within months (generally 3-6 months) so you, nor I lose any interest as my style and way of working steadily evolves. This also means I get to start the pieces I finish while I am traveling, this is extremely important to me as it is my art. 

Larger deposits are required for ongoing work, all of your appointments I expect to need will be given to you and deposits will be required for each appointment.


Yes I tattoo over most scars but I do require a consult in person to see what I’m able to achieve. This is important because without knowing the texture of the skin and density of the scar I’m at a loss for how to design a piece to best suit.

However If your scarring is light and flat to the touch It may not require an in person consult.

I like scars to be at LEAST three years old.

Please send photos with your booking request so I’m able to let you know.


I will only tattoo cover ups with previous laser lightening. This gives us more scope on creating a beautiful piece you actually want rather than being limited.

I do not finish off any other tattooers work or add to their existing pieces.


I don’t do black and grey work. Only colour tattoos.


Unfortunately many times especially when travelling I am unable to accomodate for extra people in the studio as some shops can be tight on space.


I will do my absolute best to accomodate you by working longer days if need be and back to back dates if that is suitable also. 

Payment is in the local currency 


I recommend oztatt tattoo aftercare wholeheartedly. It’s by far my favourite after care cream. - I am able to supply your first aftercare complimentary to try and then I recommend you purchase your own via their website ☺️ well worth it for larger projects!

You are also welcome to use the likes of second skin/saniderm/tattooderm etc

I don’t however supply this while I am travelling.

Other things to note!

If you are pregnant/breastfeeding or have any current infections I will not tattoo you. 

If you have eczema or any other skin conditions you need to mention it.

If you have any allergies it is important to mention it.

That’s about it! If you have any further questions please get back to us and Ainsley or I will be able to help you ♥️

We are here to help!

I really appreciate everyone’s support and thank you all for waiting SO patiently for my books to open up.

It means a great deal to me that I get to do something I love every day and create for people who enjoy my art and tattoos 🥰

I really look forward to meeting you all and making your tattoos!!

Thank you ✨

Much love,