White Breasted Nuthatch

Had lots of fun making this white breasted nuthatch and magnolia/berry piece for beautiful Angie yesterday 💜✨
Loved hearing about bird watching and sharing our mutual love for goats @goatsofanarchy
Thanks so much!

Makkala Pallesen
Kew Gardens

My friend Kim is wildly talented and made this beautiful video from our trip to Kew Gardens on my Birthday the other day. So special

Makkala Pallesen
New Print: "A helping hand"

‘A Helping Hand’
A3 prints coming your way soon 🧡 A few embellished with copper paint on request ✨

Really happy to have finished this one, been the first painting in a long time for me. Crafted with love and all the things I find healing and helpful from spirit of the earth 💜

Plants are:
Along with Rose Quartz 🌱

The insects for me are symbolic of transformation, new beginnings, guidance and beauty in all of love creation. ✨

If you would like to put your name down for a print you can DM me and I will have a handful of these available also at the @nztattoofestival
Loves and magic to you all 🦋🐞🐝🐛✨

Makkala Pallesen
Marathon day!

Marathon day the other day tattooing a memorial piece of beautiful rescued Chester for lovely Brittany 🌻🐶 Made with plenty of love, laughs, cookies and my faves #oztattskincare #fytcartridges #stencilstuff #quickcaps
Thank you for the treats and safe travels back home 💛

Makkala Pallesen