New Print 'The Night Garden'

Where our souls meet at night.

I like to sit in meditation and have ideas or flowers present themselves to me. 
Each with their individual meaning. 
This is the first version of this painting which holds special significance for me ♥️

Mostly comprised of sweet scented night blooming flowers. 
Representing the sweetness of the evenings I would get to speak with my love, with our relationship from the beginning, spanning seas.

The garden that blooms at night. 
Hand tied. 
Sweet pickings for you.

Tuber Rose 
and Strawberry

Inspired by the Victorian era of ‘writing with flowers’ 
The flowers are symbolic of purity, passion, first emotions and everlasting love, spirituality, romance, constancy, strength and perfection.

From my hand to yours, ‘The Night Garden’

(Approx A3 size) 
Giclee print on fine art paper ♥️

So happy with how these prints came out ♥️ Thank you for the beautiful photo @coffee4cats

If you would like one for your space they are available via the link in my bio 🍓🦋
Makkala Pallesen